Resisting Change: 5 People who Kill Projects (Part 3)

Change Resistors…Chapter 3 Previously, we discussed the Detractor, the Shield, the Holdback, and the Pacifist.  In this final post of the series on people who resist change, we will explore the traits of the Fortuneteller.   We will also briefly cover trust and some of the more drastic measures under the heading of “the Nuclear […]

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Resisting Change: 5 People Who Kill Projects (Part 2)

More about Resisting Change In the last installment about people who resist change, we talked about the Detractor and the Shield.  Today we are going to talk about 2 more archetypes: the Holdback and the Pacifist. The Holdback The Holdback is a potential high-value asset to the organization.  She is either very tuned into the […]

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Resisting Change: 5 People Who Kill Projects (Part 1)

Change is hard.   The most powerful force in many organizations is the status quo.  Moving the status quo even just a little can feel a lot like trying to push a fire truck up a hill in San Francisco.  This is the first in a series of articles that can help you identify and […]

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5 Reasons Employee Training is Critical for Success

How many times have you seen a new employee join the team but not be productive for months?  Why don’t companies do a better job making the investment in training a new employee?  We hire them, and then throw them to the wolves with a “oh they will figure it out” attitude.  It is completely […]

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ERP Project Management is not a Part Time Job

Too many times I watch companies spend an immense amount of financial resources to get a new ERP system, and then skimp out in the one area that is the most critical to success…people.  Today, I beg those companies who are on the verge of deploying ERP not to be half-hearted about getting the right […]

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ERP Replacement? Reasons to Consider a New ERP System

I am often asked, “How do I know whether I need to replace my ERP system?”  The other variant is, “How do I know if I need to move to an ERP system?”  As with all things ERP, there is rarely a clear answer.  That said, there are often signs that this may be the right […]

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ERP Software Implementation Projects are Built on Hope

I absolutely realize this title a cheesy reference to the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  Apart from dreaming up a new to the world product, service, or process, there are not that many situations you will encounter with the magnitude of an ERP implementation. There […]

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ERP Implementation: Who should lead it?

You made the choice to change your ERP system.  You also managed to select your new system.  Congratulations, these are 2 very big hurdles.  Unfortunately, you are not out of the woods just yet.  Someone has to lead your company to the ERP promised land.   Who is it going to be?  How should they […]

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KPI: Stay on Track with a Forward Facing KPI

Today I am sharing the concept of the Forward Facing KPI.  My experience with this began a little over a year ago when I had my first opportunity to hear a presentation from Dan Barnett.  Dan’s primary subject matter is called “Make or Break Execution”.  The concept in and of itself is simple:  Find the things […]

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Reconciling ERP and Digital Transformation

I once heard someone say, “There are 2 kinds of companies: companies who are disruptors, and companies who are being disrupted.”  I wish I could remember who said it, because I would love to give them credit for it.  In any event, this maxim seems to keep proving itself true, especially in today’s age of […]

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