p21 erp dynachange idea

P21 ERP: 5 Ideas for Prophet 21 DynaChange Rules

In a previous post, I laid out the business case for DynaChange Business Rules as an essential part of any Prophet 21 deployment.  Business rules are an important arrow in your company’s quiver that allow you to adapt P21 ERP to your business process and streamline operations.  In my experience, it is the little things […]

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customer experience

Why the Amazon Experience is not Just for the Customer

When you think about the concept of digital transformation, it is hard to ignore what Amazon has done for their customers.   Amazon has created a fundamental shift in an entire industry.  They also transformed the perception of consumers about what service is.   Amazon gets 189 million unique visitors per month.  Those visitors spent 136 […]

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Prophet 21 Help: Automating Item Bin Deletion

Epicor’s Prophet 21 has several useful functions that are designed to help keep your database clean and running in top condition.  Unfortunately, many of these functions require you to execute via the user interface, meaning that a human has to get involved.  One of my coworkers jokingly describes this as: “the monkey has to be […]

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