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P21 ERP Setup: Fat Client vs Thin Client

If you spend much time talking to other P21 ERP users about an issue you are having with Epicor Prophet 21, you are likely to be asked something like: “Are you using fat clients or thin clients”.  These are the two common architectures for putting the P21 ERP Software into your environment.  I have come […]

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Prophet 21 Cost: How Much are the Servers?

I recently attended the 2017 P21 Worldwide User Group meeting in Orlando, and it was a wonderful event.  I continue to be amazed by the P21 use community.  They are truly a breed apart and love to help each other.  This keeps me energized and engaged to continue staying involved.  There was one session in […]

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erp testing

ERP Testing and Upgrades: Have a Strategy

ERP systems are complex.  These software packages touch nearly every part of your company.  Downtime and errors are too costly to be tolerated on an ongoing basis.  You need to be assured that the software at the core of the company’s infrastructure is in proper working order at all times.  Additionally, if you do experience […]

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change erp leadership

ERP Project Management is not a Part Time Job

Too many times I watch companies spend an immense amount of financial resources to get a new ERP system, and then skimp out in the one area that is the most critical to success…people.  Today, I beg those companies who are on the verge of deploying ERP not to be half-hearted about getting the right […]

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customer experience

Why the Amazon Experience is not Just for the Customer

When you think about the concept of digital transformation, it is hard to ignore what Amazon has done for their customers.   Amazon has created a fundamental shift in an entire industry.  They also transformed the perception of consumers about what service is.   Amazon gets 189 million unique visitors per month.  Those visitors spent 136 […]

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leadership founding fathers

Leadership: 10 Quotes from the Founding Fathers

This week, we celebrate Independence Day.  It has been 241 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  The Founding Fathers had to exercise leadership and courage, often at great risk to their lives.  As we remember this important day, below are 10 quotes about character, business, and leadership straight from the Founders themselves. […]

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change erp

ERP Replacement? Reasons to Consider a New ERP System

I am often asked, “How do I know whether I need to replace my ERP system?”  The other variant is, “How do I know if I need to move to an ERP system?”  As with all things ERP, there is rarely a clear answer.  That said, there are often signs that this may be the right […]

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ERP Software Implementation Projects are Built on Hope

I absolutely realize this title a cheesy reference to the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  Apart from dreaming up a new to the world product, service, or process, there are not that many situations you will encounter with the magnitude of an ERP implementation. There […]

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ERP Implementation: Who should lead it?

You made the choice to change your ERP system.  You also managed to select your new system.  Congratulations, these are 2 very big hurdles.  Unfortunately, you are not out of the woods just yet.  Someone has to lead your company to the ERP promised land.   Who is it going to be?  How should they […]

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ERP Software Selection. How do you Choose?

It’s official, you have decided that a new ERP system must be bought. The next natural question is, “Which one do we choose?”.  Opinions on this subject are as plentiful as people.  Personally, I think the choice does not have to be an agonizing one if you go into the process with the right expectations. […]

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