Epicor Prophet 21 and Database Compatibility Level

A common question amongst those who administrate the Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system revolves around Microsoft SQL Server and the setting that controls compatibility level on the Prophet 21 database.  Compatibility levels in SQL Server are primarily used to control backward compatibility for legacy applications.  Essentially, if you are running SQL Server 2016, but your […]

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prophet 21 crystal datasource

Prophet 21 Software – Web Client and Crystal Errors

Today’s post is going to be all about helping system administrators with the web client.  Previously, I have talked about getting your DynaChange Business Rules web client ready.  This installment is going to focus on Crystal forms and reports in the Prophet 21 software. Out of the box, there is not really anything you need […]

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prophet 21 database

Prophet 21 Database : Basic Performance Settings

The Prophet 21 database, which runs on Microsoft SQL Server, is large and highly complex.  To get the best performance from the system, administrators should make sure that they have at least some of the basic database properties configured for better performance.  People dedicate entire careers to SQL performance tuning, and this post is not […]

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p21 database indexing

P21 Database: Adding a Missing Index

It should be commonly understood that any ERP system is built to appeal generally to a wide variety of companies. Epicor is no exception to the rule.  This is a fundamental principle of how you make money selling software.  You build a product with broad appeal, and then customize it where you have to here […]

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prophet 21 support

Prophet 21 Support: How to Create a Good Support Case Ticket

I often hear customers of Prophet 21 expressing frustration with getting help through the support ticket system at Epicor.  I can sympathize with this as I have had similar issues in the past.  However, over the last year or so, I have had much better success with Prophet 21 support.  I know that at Insights […]

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erp testing

ERP Testing and Upgrades: Have a Strategy

ERP systems are complex.  These software packages touch nearly every part of your company.  Downtime and errors are too costly to be tolerated on an ongoing basis.  You need to be assured that the software at the core of the company’s infrastructure is in proper working order at all times.  Additionally, if you do experience […]

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sql query prophet 21

Prophet 21 SQL – Using P21 Views vs NOLOCK

I see this topic debated from time to time.   People who spend a fair amount of time writing queries against the Prophet 21 database are sometimes confused between using the views and writing queries directly against the tables.   Most of the time the standard answer I see is “Always use the Prophet 21 […]

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Prophet 21 Help: Automating Item Bin Deletion

Epicor’s Prophet 21 has several useful functions that are designed to help keep your database clean and running in top condition.  Unfortunately, many of these functions require you to execute via the user interface, meaning that a human has to get involved.  One of my coworkers jokingly describes this as: “the monkey has to be […]

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