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P21 ERP Setup: Fat Client vs Thin Client

If you spend much time talking to other P21 ERP users about an issue you are having with Epicor Prophet 21, you are likely to be asked something like: “Are you using fat clients or thin clients”.  These are the two common architectures for putting the P21 ERP Software into your environment.  I have come […]

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epicor p21 review

Epicor P21 Review: Is it a Fit for My Company?

Today’s post is an Epicor P21 Review.  You may be considering purchasing a new ERP system and Prophet 21 might be on your list of packages to look at.  ERP is a huge investment, so how do you know if you are choosing the right software to run your company?  As an power user, administrator, […]

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prophet 21 reviews

Prophet 21 Reviews – A List of Unbiased Information

Getting unbiased data about any major purchase is difficult at best.  I get very frustrated when I am looking for solid reviews about a product and cannot find any.  Typically I end up bouncing in and out of sites that are just trying to hook me into reading 300 words of fluff that do not […]

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