Epicor P21 Business Rules – A Simple Example

How many times have you been working in Epicor P21 and thought, “Why can’t that box just be checked for me?”.  Good news!  If you have Dynachange Business Rules for Epicor P21, you can do just that.  I often get asked about what the benefit of business rules is.  I have written articles in the […]

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dynachange rules

DynaChange Rules – Getting Ready for the P21 Web Client

Disclaimer:  This information is provided based on my own testing and is current as of version 2017.1.2920.  Your mileage may vary.  This is an attempt to give actionable information about considerations for DynaChange Rules when working between clients. If you have been following the development of Prophet 21 over the course of this year, then […]

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dynachange screen designer

5 Tips for Prophet 21 DynaChange Screen Designer

One of the more powerful features in Epicor’s Prophet 21 ERP system is the DynaChange Screen Designer.  This feature of P21 allows you to change the layout of windows on the screen.  This allows companies to improve workflows, streamline data entry, and make the user’s experience better overall.  Below are 5 things you can do […]

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dynachange rule

Prophet 21 DynaChange Rule: Pre-SQL Hooks

Epicor introduced the Pre-SQL hook as a new feature for the DynaChange Rule in version 12.17.   This feature extends the reach of a DynaChange Rule to insert business logic, including modifying the SQL statement itself, before the statement executes.  This can be a slippery slope.  P21 is a complex application, and tinkering too much […]

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p21 erp dynachange idea

P21 ERP: 5 Ideas for Prophet 21 DynaChange Rules

In a previous post, I laid out the business case for DynaChange Business Rules as an essential part of any Prophet 21 deployment.  Business rules are an important arrow in your company’s quiver that allow you to adapt P21 ERP to your business process and streamline operations.  In my experience, it is the little things […]

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dynachange business rules decisions

DynaChange Business Rules: A Business Case

I am always put back on my heels a bit when talking to a Prophet 21 user or system administrator when they describe a problem they are having, and when I suggest it could be solved easily with  DynaChange business rules, the response is “We don’t have business rules”. I have to constantly remind myself […]

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