p21 erp software

P21 ERP Setup: Fat Client vs Thin Client

If you spend much time talking to other P21 ERP users about an issue you are having with Epicor Prophet 21, you are likely to be asked something like: “Are you using fat clients or thin clients”.  These are the two common architectures for putting the P21 ERP Software into your environment.  I have come […]

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prophet 21 cost featured

Prophet 21 Cost: How Much are the Servers?

I recently attended the 2017 P21 Worldwide User Group meeting in Orlando, and it was a wonderful event.  I continue to be amazed by the P21 use community.  They are truly a breed apart and love to help each other.  This keeps me energized and engaged to continue staying involved.  There was one session in […]

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prophet 21 system requirements

Prophet 21 System Requirements: What Hardware Should I Choose?

Understanding the Epicor Prophet 21 System Requirements can be a challenge for system administrators and prospective buyers.  The Prophet 21 system is not only large & complex, it is also resource intensive.  It is important to make sure you allocate the right compute resources to Prophet 21 if you want to get the most out […]

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