P21 Web Client 18.2 | Changes and Additions

Comparing the P21 Web Client 18.2 to 18.1 Recently, Epicor has released the P21 Web Client 18.2.  This release has brought along many changes that alter what we covered in our original three videos from earlier this year.  In this post, we are going to compare the newest version of the web client to the […]

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prophet 21 web client

Prophet 21 Web Client in Version 2018.2

With the release of 2018.2,  we arrive the fourth major release of the Prophet 21 Web Client by Epicor.  The question I am starting to be asked more and more is, “Is it ok to move to the web client?”.   That answer is always situational and depends on the needs and requirements of the users […]

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Checking Out the P21 Web Client Ribbon Layout

P21 Web Client Ribbon Layout In our final video on the P21 Web Client, we are going to be discussing the P21 Web Client Ribbon Layout.  While the new layout is generally the same as the desktop layout, there have been some changes. The biggest change to the Ribbon is that it is now divided […]

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All About The P21 Web Client Home Widgets

P21 Web Client Home Widgets The P21 Web Client has come with a lot of new and useful features.  A great new feature is the P21 Web Client Home widgets.  As users, we currently have seven widget options.  You can utilize these widgets in the variety of different ways.  Each widget is customizable so that […]

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Prophet 21 Performance – Desktop vs Web Client

The more I talk to users and system administrators about the Epicor Prophet 21 web client, the more I get asked about Prophet 21 performance in the web client versus the traditional desktop client.   Today, we are going to do a side by side comparison of Prophet 21 performance using loading times for common windows […]

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prophet 21 crystal datasource

Prophet 21 Software – Web Client and Crystal Errors

Today’s post is going to be all about helping system administrators with the web client.  Previously, I have talked about getting your DynaChange Business Rules web client ready.  This installment is going to focus on Crystal forms and reports in the Prophet 21 software. Out of the box, there is not really anything you need […]

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Deploying the Prophet 21 ERP Web Client

During Insights 2017, Epicor officially announced the web browser version of Prophet 21.  By the end of June, we saw the first production release of P21 version 2017.1.  As of the time of this writing, Prophet 21 is at version 2017.1, build 2950.  For the first time, users and administrators of P21 have a choice […]

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dynachange rules

DynaChange Rules – Getting Ready for the P21 Web Client

Disclaimer:  This information is provided based on my own testing and is current as of version 2017.1.2920.  Your mileage may vary.  This is an attempt to give actionable information about considerations for DynaChange Rules when working between clients. If you have been following the development of Prophet 21 over the course of this year, then […]

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Epicor Prophet 21 – An Early Review of the Web Client

The Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system has recently been given a major new feature, a web enabled client.  This represents a major step for Epicor regarding the architecture of one of their flagship ERP software systems.  Introduced at Insights 2017 in Nashville, TN, Epicor is going a long way to promote this new version, and it […]

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