Hashtag FreeingERP

hashtag freeingerpWhat is up with the FreeingERP hashtag?  I get asked this question every so often, so I thought some explanation might be in order.  The FreeingERP blog was started as a place to talk about making ERP simpler.  In every place that my professional career has taken me, it always seemed like the company was working for the ERP system, not the other way around.  This, to me, was craziness.  How could a piece of software be so expensive, but at the same time so utterly cumbersome?

I set out on a mission to make ERP easier.  Removing complexity, automation, and increasing system speed are the touchstone issues for the projects I work on.  That’s where the idea for FreeingERP came from.  The software is here to stay, so companies must find ways to get the most from their investment.  In addition to this, technology all around us is changing.  Software is becoming more intuitive, simpler, and cleaner.  The number of and type of devices for using technology is growing.  Leading edge companies are transforming the customer experience down to the least common denominator; it is time to do the same for enterprise software.

Tell it to FreeingERP

The FreeingERP hashtag campaign exists for users and companies to share their stories about ERP success.  How have you transformed your software to make it easier?  What have you automated?  Is your system as easy for an employee as it is for the customer?  Tweet about your ERP successes and challenges!

Oh, and don’t forget… #FreeingERP