All About The P21 Web Client Home Widgets

P21 Web Client Home Widgets

The P21 Web Client has come with a lot of new and useful features.  A great new feature is the P21 Web Client Home widgets.  As users, we currently have seven widget options.  You can utilize these widgets in the variety of different ways.  Each widget is customizable so that your Home Portal can be completely unique to you.  In today’s video, I am going to go through all of the widgets, what they are, and what you can do with them.  Check out our video below to learn all about these new tools!

The Three Different Portals

Not only do we now have the Home Portal, we also have two more portals that come pre-built into the P21 Web Client.  These portals are Accounts Receivable and Order Entry.  While these Portals are not customizable like the Home Portal, they do offer a way to easily access information.  On the Accounts Receivable portal, users are able to quickly validate and view open orders.  Also, on the Order Entry screen, you can view any open orders or open quotes.

P21 Web Client Home Widgets

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