Checking Out the P21 Web Client Ribbon Layout

P21 Web Client Ribbon Layout

In our final video on the P21 Web Client, we are going to be discussing the P21 Web Client Ribbon Layout.  While the new layout is generally the same as the desktop layout, there have been some changes. The biggest change to the Ribbon is that it is now divided into different tabs, rather than being in one main section.  Check out our video below to learn all about the new layout.

Our Other Posts On The Web Client

If you found value in this video, please check out our other posts on the P21 Web Client (linked here).  We’ve discussed many different aspects of the Web Client.  From deployment to comparisons, this is a good place to start if you’re thinking of deploying the P21 Web Client.

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Even though this is the last video in our three-part series (for now), we will still be posting weekly content!  From now on, all of our videos will be based in the Web Client!   Please be sure to follow us on Twitter (linked here) and subscribe to our YouTube channel (linked here).  When new content is posted, our Twitter and YouTube are the first places to receive notifications from!


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