Prophet 21 How To – Purchase Order Entry (Part 2)

Purchase Order Entry Part 2 Last Tuesday we went over the basics of Purchase Order Entry in Prophet 21, where we discussed topics such as the Purchase Order and Items tabs.  In this week’s video, we will cover more tabs within PO Entry.  If you haven’t watched part one, and you want to go over […]

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Prophet 21 How To – Purchase Order Entry (Part 1)

Purchase Order Entry Today, I want to go over some of the basics of Purchase Order Entry.  There are aspects of Purchase Order Entry that we all use every day.  In this video, we are going to cover the most common ones.  Throughout this video, we cover how to navigate to PO Entry, the Purchase Order […]

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bin inventory movement

Moving Items with Prophet 21 Bin Adjustments

Today we are going to talk about moving items in your warehouse using Bin Adjustment in Epicor Prophet 21.  Bin adjustments, and a similar screen called Bin Inventory Movement are a quick and effective means of moving inventory from bin to bin in your warehouse. This does require that you have the item set up […]

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pricing service data

5 Ideas for Prophet 21 Pricing Service

The Pricing Service tool for Epicor Prophet 21 is a very powerful tool for managing your item related data.  If you are not using it to keep your supplier pricing and item data cleaned up and in good working order, well…you should be.  Learning to use Pricing Service effectively can save a lot of effort […]

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prophet 21 feature

Prophet 21 Comparison: Production Order vs Secondary Process

One of the issues I see from time to time with companies who are using Epicor’s Prophet 21 ERP system is confusion about when to Production Orders vs. Secondary Process.  I can see where there might be some murky waters there, since at the core, both transactions are capable of turning one thing into another […]

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prophet 21 software featured

Prophet 21 Software: Using Min/Max for Sporadic Items

In the world of demand forecasting, sporadic items can be among the most difficult items to deal with.  These items do not have regular enough usage data for a forecasting formula to have a reasonable level of accuracy.  Users of  Epicor’s Prophet 21 software, like any other ERP system, often spend too much time trying to […]

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p21 tutorial feature

P21 Tutorial: What is a Transfer Backorder?

A common place where people using transfers is the concept of the transfer backorder.  This P21 tutorial is going to shed some light on what the transfer backorder is, and how to manage it.  This will help Epicor Prophet 21 users be more effective in managing their inventory movements between location. Not Like a Normal […]

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Prophet 21 Purchase Pricing: How Do I Manage It?

I believe that when you deploy any ERP system, whether it is Epicor’s or anyone else’s, there are some big things that you have to get right.  Prophet 21 purchase pricing is the big thing sitting right at the top of the list for users of that system.  This aspect of the system underpins almost […]

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Epicor P21 Business Rules – A Simple Example

How many times have you been working in Epicor P21 and thought, “Why can’t that box just be checked for me?”.  Good news!  If you have Dynachange Business Rules for Epicor P21, you can do just that.  I often get asked about what the benefit of business rules is.  I have written articles in the […]

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epicor prophet21

Epicor Prophet21 Secondary Process – Remnants

For Epicor Prophet 21 users who are trying to do some amount of manufacturing, a common issue that arises is the concept of the remnant.  Remnants (also called drops, leftovers, etc.) are raw material stock that were only partially used during the manufacture of the finished item.  Tracking these remnants in Epicor Prophet21 can very […]

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