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Deploying the Prophet 21 ERP Web Client

During Insights 2017, Epicor officially announced the web browser version of Prophet 21.  By the end of June, we saw the first production release of P21 version 2017.1.  As of the time of this writing, Prophet 21 is at version 2017.1, build 2950.  For the first time, users and administrators of P21 have a choice […]

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Prophet 21 Tutorial: Forecast Formula Maintenance

Today’s Prophet 21 tutorial is focused on how to edit and maintain Epicor P21 ERP’s formulas that are used for forecasts.  You may have seen earlier posts or other training docs that talk about “best fit formulas”.  This post is going to guide you through what that means, and how the formulas in P21 are used. […]

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Prophet 21 Cost: How Much are the Servers?

I recently attended the 2017 P21 Worldwide User Group meeting in Orlando, and it was a wonderful event.  I continue to be amazed by the P21 use community.  They are truly a breed apart and love to help each other.  This keeps me energized and engaged to continue staying involved.  There was one session in […]

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Prophet 21 Training – Demand Year Maintenance

In this installment of Epicor Prophet 21 training, we are looking at demand year maintenance.  This is an important part of P21 because it determines how Up To, EOQ, and DRP items replenish based on the future expected usage.  This tutorial and video will cover the basics of setting up a demand year, and running […]

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Prophet 21 System Requirements: What Hardware Should I Choose?

Understanding the Epicor Prophet 21 System Requirements can be a challenge for system administrators and prospective buyers.  The Prophet 21 system is not only large & complex, it is also resource intensive.  It is important to make sure you allocate the right compute resources to Prophet 21 if you want to get the most out […]

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Epicor Prophet 21 – An Early Review of the Web Client

The Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system has recently been given a major new feature, a web enabled client.  This represents a major step for Epicor regarding the architecture of one of their flagship ERP software systems.  Introduced at Insights 2017 in Nashville, TN, Epicor is going a long way to promote this new version, and it […]

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Reflections On Epicor Insights 2017

I recently returned from Nashville, where I attended the Epicor Insights conference.  For those who are not familiar with it or who haven’t been before, it is a good size event as these conferences go.  I believe about 3500 users, customers, and prospects attended the event.  If memory serves, there were also about 450 people […]

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