Why Would I Read This Blog?

I can’t tell you why you would read this.  What I will try to explain is why I write it…

I started this blog to provide some insight and understanding into some of my experiences in dealing with ERP systems and change management.  These are very big aspects of what I do, and everywhere I have ever been, it seems like companies struggle to get the most out of their ERP investment.

Over the last 22 years I have gone from Mincron to AS400 to SAP to a homegrown system mixed with Peachtree, then onto Sage, and now Epicor’s Prophet 21.  Along the way I have also been able to tinker with Dynamics NAV, and had the chance to do some very deep dives into Forecasting, Warehouse Operations, Core Financials, Sales, and Manufacturing.

Through all of it, I have come to realize it almost doesn’t matter what system you choose.  All of them have a baseline set of functionality.  The difference between struggle, survival, and thriving on an ERP system, in my experience, has always been found in culture and managing change.

There are plenty of technical challenges along the way, and I don’t discount those for a moment.  But the real foundation for success (or struggle) typically lies within the organization and the people within it.

Some days I will write about technical stuff, and other days I will write about the soft skill side of ERP deployments.  I hope that overall, what this blog provides is a resource to lend some perspective and thoughtfulness on what is involved in managing an ERP system to try and get the most from it.

Hope you find some of my ramblings useful!